Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pynchon Review

There's nothing like an extra hour of sleep, unless it's catching up on the last week at Notes Taken, which includes Matt McLennan discussing Andrea Dworkin and Martha Nussbaum, and the second part of my lectures on Schelling's period of absolute idealism (and part one is here). I don't know how Matt's lecture went, but I can say that first year students are not prepared for absolute idealism. Including Schelling in the course can only indicate how foggy my head was in those final days of the dissertation. However, adding Rousseau seems to have been a good choice. Maybe we just should have read Zizek on ideology or Paul Mason talking about his favorite books.

The funny part about writing the Sunday review is that it seems to take on a theme whether I like it or not. This week, it just ended up being about Thomas Pynchon.
  • Here he is, on whether or not it is ok to be a luddite.
  • Re: Pynchon: on the Simpsons.
  • Also re: Pynchon: I'm not sure whether or not Little, Brown and Co. understand the humor in posting a silhouette in the place of Pynchon's photo on their underdeveloped website. Note that the possibility of viewing his books, on this page, are 'coming soon!' No wonder P-chon published his latest work with Penguin. Inherent Vice even has a 'trailer.' The voice? It's his. And there's a soundtrack?
  • Re: re: Pynchon: from Corey, a link to an interpretation of Against the Day, if not all his works.
  • Re: re: re: Pynchon: there is a Pynchon wiki. Kill time at your own risk.
  • And the non-Pynchon bonus: Dave Eggers reviewing a posthumous anthology of Kurt Vonnegut's work.

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