Sunday, July 10, 2011

Julian Assange, Slavoj Žižek, and Amy Goodman: What is Truth?

I hate to overly saturate my blogs with Žižek, but I swear he is always around the places I want to refer. If we take the Socratic question, "Is he popular because he is insightful, or is he "insightful" because he is popular?" I argue that he is popular because he is insightful. It is not that I always agree with him or understand him, but his ideas are often outside the box. When I say "box" I mean the Leftist one. He was a fitting complement to a presentation with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. After watching this, the truth of the matter became much more clear; the issue is the Truth. For Žižek the Truth does not exist as a real asset until it is contextualized: Assange and WikiLeaks wielded by a revolutionary philosopher. This approach to knowledge is the difference between Žižek and Noam Chomsky. To know is of little value unless one understands.

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Devin Z. Shaw said...

Despite the digressions, I think he's on to something with his account as to why wikileaks is so important. Nevertheless, I haven't really liked Zizek's recent work. He has tended lately to confuse dlalectical thinking with thinking counter-intuitively.