Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Does the Occupy Wall Street Movement Stand For?

There is this ridiculous chorus about how the Occupy Wall Street movement needs to define itself. For the sake of argument I'll define it right now. Know anyone out of work or underemployed? Know anyone that has lost a home or is struggling to pay their mortgage? Know anyone that is in debt over medical bills and college loans? Those of us lucky enough to still have work or a home may lose both soon. When we do, we know where to find our next residence. Some people talk about taking responsibility for our own actions. Translation: let everyone fend for themselves. Then fend we will! I think the reason some elites are lending public verbal sympathy to the protests is because they know the ironies that come with getting what you ask for.

Why aren't the Tea Party folks joining or lending support? They are the ones that claimed the bank bailouts were evil in songs and media clips early on. I challenge the Tea Party people to come join. If they don't like hippies and the smell of patchouli then let them set up separate camps with large flags and mediocre country musicians. While their at it they should ask the Koch brothers to fund rows of portable latrines. I also invite all the vets to come join. Bush and Obama ask/ed you to occupy other countries. It is time for you to occupy your own. After all you have been through (and I mean this sincerely with all my heart) I know it is wrong to ask you to mingle with not-so-talented musicians and rank patchouli smells, but your country needs you.

I am writing this while in a state of depression. So many things deep within my heart are burning inside me. I will admit that I have been staying at home and working. I have not went out in the streets yet. My own story is personal. The struggles of other individuals (especially in other countries) are worse. Some things are just subjective but others are not. The way our world "works" really does matter. I have a friend that has tried to kill himself twice due to what happened while he served in Afghanistan. He struggled to get health care and a steady job. The majority of people that will meet him will not know this part of his life. He knows many many comrades that also suffer in silence. The economic system and militaristic state of affairs is a state of international decay, spiritual decay. When I say "spiritual" I mean our sense of values about life.

So, what does the Occupy Wall Street movement stand for? The Occupy Wall Street movement stands for an elevated value of life.



Ross Wolfe said...

I found myself asking these same questions.

To this end, I have written up a rather pointed Marxist analysis of the OWS movement so far that you might find interesting:

“Reflections on Occupy Wall Street: What it Represents, Its Prospects, and Its Deficiencies

heartsafecooking said...

Even though I live in a very small community, we are still feeling the punch of economic failure. Our plants are cutting production and employees. People are without jobs and without medical coverage. Grocery prices are so high we struggle to eat a healthy meal each day. Why have we allowed this to go on for so long? We, the majority, the 99% need to stand up and begin to fight. Why do the republicans continue to stand for laws that help the rich become richer, the poor become poorer and the middle class to become extinct? Why do they fight so hard to keep laws from being passed that will bring jobs and affordable health insurance to the not so fortunate? Because it is what they believe in. It is what they stand for and what they have always stood for. Damn it people, wake up before it's too late. Make our government work for us instead of for themselves. We are the people. We are their employers and we need to get it right.

Joshua said...

I just read Ross. Thanks for showing me the link. I feel you heartsafecooking. :)

Lifeblood said...


I would like to mention first of all that its not the 99%. Its not the 90% and it may not even be the 70%. In fact, its probably the lower 30%. Occupy Wall Street really is for everyone that doesn't have a job or can't make ends meet, and yet it comes down to what they're doing to help themselves. You do realize that the laws that the republicans are keeping from going through would make our lives more like socialism right? "Affordable" health care would mean that everyone pays for everybody else's health care and that means everyone will pay more. Even the people that don't need it. Our politicians do need to wake up, but Occupying some area and making the whole place look like a dump with tents everywhere covering public property is not the way to do it.

Devin Z. Shaw said...

You're probably posting on the wrong venue, given that one of its basic premises is that things ought to be "more like socialism."