Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rick Santorum: Christian Nuclear Bombs are Better Than Islamic Ones

Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is enthusiastically ready to go to war with Iran if they pursue attempts to go nuclear. According to him, at the Republican debate in Concord, N.H., an Islamic theocracy is more dangerous with a nuclear bomb than a Christian (US), atheist (former Soviet Union), or Jewish state (Israel). He does not explain it explicitly that way, but it is certainly implied. Robin Abcarian, in the January 8, 2012 Los Angeles Times writes:
Moderator David Gregory noted that the United States has lived with a nuclear Soviet Union and a nuclear North Korea. “Why is it we cannot not live with a nuclear Iran?” he asked. “And if not, are you prepared to take the country to war to disarm that country?”

Iran, said Santorum "is a “theocracy that has deeply embedded beliefs that the afterlife is better than this life . When your principal virtue is to die for Allah, then it’s not a deterrent to have a nuclear threat . It is in fact an encouragement for them to use their nuclear weapon.”
He is hinting that Iran has a suicide-bomber mentality: that Islam inclines the use of the nuclear bomb. It should be noted that the US, a mainly Christian state, is the only country to have dropped nuclear bombs (killing over 200,000 civilians). [Updated:] There are debates about the actual reasons and reactions made by the US government during WWII against Japan. The US government's official reason for bombing Japan was because Japan started a war with the US. Japan used suicide bombers, though I don't recall that the Japanese religion promised virgins in the afterlife as a reward by Allah for their mission (side note: The Persian/Iranian word for God is Khoda, although Allah is used at times).

I usually never recommend Wikipedia as a source but its page on the history of suicide attacks gives an interesting perspective to this ignorant Islamophobic statement by Santorum. I would like to make it clear that I'm nuclear-bomb phobic and would like them all to be dismantled. I simply think it is really hypocritical that nuclear powers such as the US and Israel to tell Iran they can't have one. Every nation that attains a nuclear bomb is a "suicide attacker" state.

This video I'm posting, "History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present," is a must see. I don't believe there is one point made that is debated by historians.


Devin Z. Shaw said...

I don't buy the claim that the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan because they used suicide bombers, and using such weak claims makes your argument-- about the hypocrisy of American posturing about nuclear weapons-- weaker.

In all likelihood, the US wanted to occupy Japan without partitioning it with the USSR (the latter was set to declare war on Japan 90 days after the cessation of the European war--August 8th; Hiroshima was bombed on August 6th). See Zinn's People's History, 415.

Joshua said...

Thanks. I needed to clarify my point. I stated the "official" narrative.

Joshua said...

I should have wrote that different. I am simply stating that the US response to the US being suicide attacked by Japan was the reason given for US involvement in the war.Likewise, I'm merely pointing out that fact that the US did drop the nuclear bomb and Japan (a non Islamic state) did use suicide bombers.

Joshua said...

For those reading these comments I added the caveat into the blog.