Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hegel and Negativity Conference

The list of participants and dates for the conference Hegel and Negativity, Negativity and Hegel, which will take place here at the University of Ottawa.

Paul Redding (Keynote Speaker - University of Sydney), Emilia Angelova (Trent University), Joseph Arel (University of Guelph), Jennifer Bates (Duquesne University), Timothy Brownlee (Xavier University), Jon Burmeister (Boston College), Theo Geraets (University of Ottawa), Christopher Lauer (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), John McCumber (UCLA), Douglas Moggach (University of Ottawa), Jacob Quinlan (Trent University), Jeffrey Reid (University of Ottawa), Ulrich Schloesser (University of Toronto)

University of Ottawa, Arts Building, 70 Laurier Ave. East, room 509

Friday, April 1, 7:30pm; April 2 and 3, 9:00 a.m.

Sponsored by The University of Ottawa Faculty of Social Sciences and the Research Chair in Political Thought,with support from the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Philosophy

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Zog Kadare said...

In a sense we can see why Hegel was destined to float into Rus via Marx: He avers the autonomous might of the double negative as do Russian grammarians!

Parenthetically - as your panel no doubt already knows - the Slovenian 'Hegel expert' Zizek has read Hegel no better then Hegel's early students and Bertrand Russel etc.. In fact Herr professor doctor Zizek merely appropriates a standard para-consistent logic and calls it a reading of Hegelian dialectics! (Giving the idiotic and false example of the un-dead as a supposed double negation.)

This was not Hegel's intent at all! Kojeve made a better reading.