Monday, February 28, 2011

Roundtable Roundup

I'm back from the Society for Social and Political Philosophy's roundtable on Marx's Capital, Volume 1 (here), down in College Station, Texas. There were lots of great presentations (and people), and I found the roundtable format congenial, since we were all, in the general sense, developing our work from the same starting point. In that regard, I also learned quite a bit. The only downside is that the keynote speaker, Harry Cleaver, canceled due to illness.

I also learned, thanks to the local participant Cody Moore, the local game for dominoes, called 42.

As might be expected, new friends mean links to new blogs: I suggest the SSPP's, Nicole Pepperell's Rough Theory, Jason Read's Unemployed Negativity, and Will Roberts' Accelerate the Contradictions. If I missed anybody, let me know.

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